Access Is the Key to Better Returns

Children with access to better schools, and teachers are more likely to be accepted and graduate from a post-secondary institution. In Canada, access to free healthcare means that the general population is healthier than our neighbours down south. Access to things that matter most can have a defining and integral role in our lives. Then why don’t more people pay attention to access when it surrounds their finances?

When you look on LinkedIn, or you watch the news, often enough you stumble across private investors who have made a killing from investing in Twitter, Uber or some lucrative real estate play… These are amazing for those individuals but for the average investor like you and I, where is our opportunity to access these private investments?

If you go to your financial advisor and ask them to invest some of your savings in a new technology venture or a private equity real estate offering, they will simply point you to the list of recommended products offered by their institutions. These products are often no different than purchasing any stock off the local stock exchange. Many of which experience the ups and downs of the general market.

Often the best investment opportunities are reserved for the few, and not available to the average investor. Without the access or knowledge of these opportunities it can be extremely difficult for one to create wealth for themselves outside of one’s own career or business.

The benefits and opportunities are abundant when it comes to the private investment space. The list of firms providing these opportunities is limited and getting access to these types of solutions can be difficult, however it is possible.

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