Coronavirus infect your portfolio? You won’t believe what happened to ours…

Over the last few weeks, the increasing threat of the coronavirus has continued to rattle financial markets across the globe. As investors worry about the impact of the virus on the macroeconomic environment, the European stock market saw its greatest sell off since 2016. The U.S. and Canadian equity markets slid as well, prompting central banks to slash their interest rates.

As “diversified” as your traditional stock portfolio may seem, it’s often in times of crisis (such as now) that we see the true nature of stock market diversification. As the index of nearly 500 of the safest and securest companies around the globe plummeted because of a “perceived issue”, you as the investor are feeling the effects.

What does this mean for a Two Sevens Capital Portfolio?

Absolutely Nothing…

The benefit of private investment opportunities such as ours is that negative world news headlines don’t affect the value of your investment. We are continuing to improve the assets and individuals will continue to pay their rent… investors will continue to reap the benefits of a stable, reliable cash flowing investment solution regardless of the public health situation in China, Italy or Iran.

As global unease persists, the Two Sevens Capital portfolio is still on target to achieve this year’s goals and objectives, including a projected 48% total return on investment by the end of 2021.

If you have any comments or concerns about your financial situation that you would like to discuss, we at Two Sevens Capital are more than happy to help.

Life happens to your money, it’s important to be prepared.


Adam J. Batstone
Founder & CEO
(289) 291-3885 – Work | (416) 918-2527 – Mobile

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