Is Your Financial Health as “Fit” As Your Physical?

In a world where being ‘Fit’ seems to be top of mind 95% of the time with new workouts, new supplements to try, new workout clothing brands, new races to enter, new gyms with alternative approaches to fitness, and of course buying the newest piece of workout equipment for our homes….do we pay as much attention to the health of our financial future as we do our physical?

Here is the thing, most people spend their entire lives taking care of themselves in the moment…

  • You eat healthy to feel better.
  • You exercise to take care of your body.
  • You go to University to educate yourself.
  • You study and take extra exams to attain a specialty designation.
  • You pour yourself into your career to get to the top and succeed.
  • You work long hours to earn more money to buy the ‘extras’ in life.

But what about your life in the future? What happens when the ‘work’ is done, and you retire? What about the time in your life where its time to sit back and enjoy all your hard work? Did you invest any of that hard-earned money in order to enjoy your retirement the way you deserve? Is your financial retirement plan taken care of? and do you consciously try to nurture and take care of it like you do your health? Because why is one more important than the other?

***Being financially fit is equally as important as being physically fit*** 

Investing can absolutely feel unnecessary and strenuous in the moment, but it provides a longer-term benefit that your RRSP, or High Interest Savings Account cannot. A myth that sometimes paralyzes many of us is that “I don’t make enough money to be an investor” – not true. Anyone can invest and should! Granted some private investments do have a minimum to participate, but they also have the greatest reward.

Investing is not a ‘get rich quick’ solution, and if it were, don’t you think every person would be doing it? And don’t you think we would all be millionaires at this point? Investing is a strategic long-term plan, meant for the strategic thinker. Planning for what is to come is something each and every one of us should spend some solid time on. Giving thought to your children’s future – school, wedding, and first home buying. Giving thought to what you want out of your life – big vacations, cottage, boat, dream car, oasis in the backyard etc. Giving thought to what your retirement will look like – is living in your current house your end game? Or are you looking to retire to somewhere hot and sunny?

Planning for your future should be given as much time and attention as your health, because both are equally important. Carve out some time and think about what you want the next phase of your life to look like. Investigate and educate yourself on what investment options are best suited for you. There are many to consider but matching up what you are trying to achieve with the right investment is step one. A thoughtful investment process is key, and answering “what is the job description for my money?”

So, during a time in which our physical health has been brought to the forefront, I challenge you to also bring your financial health forward. Spend as much time thinking about and planning on your financial fitness as you do your health and well being. Having both firing on all cylinders can set you up for a bright future.

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