Rolex And Smart Investing

The name Rolex is synonymous with luxury. Since the 1980’s the watch brand has consistently ranked amongst the worlds 100 most recognizable brands, despite its expensive prices that deem it unobtainable for most. Although, the swiss brand was not always geared towards the luxury market. The watches were designed to be durable tools available to pilots, divers and military personal for functional use.

Rolex is a brand that has stood the test of time not because of its necessity or practicality, but because of its craftsmanship, scarcity and longevity. The brand today does what many top brands fail to do, focus on quality and longevity instead of quantity. In the era of planned obsolescence by many of the Fortune 500 companies, a Rolex today still requires approximately one year to produce.

A Rolex is created with the strategic intent that if you take care of it, it will last a lifetime. It will be a timeless item that you can pass forward to your children. Therefore, when you buy a Rolex, you are buying something for the future. It is this same framework and approach you should have when making an investment decision.

Find opportunities that have been inspired and developed through quality. Ones created with the intent of providing something useful for you today and your children tomorrow. To do this, the opportunity must provide enough impact to your overall wealth to be meaningful. In fact, it should be something that can either assist you in creating wealth or something that you do not mind holding on to forever.

Where do I find opportunities like this?

Although the stock market is traditionally the first place to look for an investment, in my opinion the best form of concentrated opportunities come from the private space. The illiquidity of these opportunities in addition the reduced volatility allows them to be held for longer periods without over analysis.

In summary, find opportunities to invest in that you understand and care about. There are many opportunities that will take up your time, energy, and effort with the false promise of a better future. The right investment solution, like a Rolex, should provide a positive experience for today, while providing a solid foundation to pass down to future generations. Ensure that the quality of your investment is something that can stand the test of time, as a Rolex does and will continue to do.

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